I follow a “people first” approach to training. I have a background in scientific research but I left lab work and got into this field because I am passionate about helping people to become strong and confident. I have been obese, I have been weak, I have been stiff, slow, and injured and worked through every hardship. As a result, I take all of my client’s goals as personally as they do; I revel in their success and guide them through failure.

While caring is great, I support this viewpoint with a high level of knowledge and years of experience. I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in biotechnology and minor degrees in biochemistry and business economics. I have read dozens of books, subscribe to multiple journals, and attend workshops regularly. I have achieved multiple advanced certifications and I am currently pursuing my doctorate in physical therapy. I have trained privately since 2010 and have built a consistent and dedicated clientele. My goal is not to keep you as a client forever, it is to educate and inspire you to learn and become self-sufficient with your programming; and to recommend me to your friends of course!

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