Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

The title of this post is a mantra for me and something I choose to live daily.
Breaking free from your comfort zone and challenging yourself is the surest way to elicit continued growth, whether physical, professional, or social.
I started this blog for a few reasons, one of which is to challenge my knowledge and motivate myself to continue learning.

Reading and absorbing knowledge is easy, writing and expressing obtained knowledge is not. Putting pen to paper (so to speak) is a very simple way to see if what you have come to understand is actually cohesive. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies become rapidly apparent in written text – even faster when you post them online.

That being said, starting this blog is most definitely outside of my comfort zone and I want to thank all of you who choose to share in the experience with me. We will learn together, laugh together, and maybe even cry together – but if you tell anyone I cried, this relationship is over.

Stick with me and I’ll share a ton of what I know, what I learn, how much I love all things geek, and probably some weird stories. If said stories fail to exist, I may just invent some for your entertainment.